What do a traditional hardware store in Ljubljana, an in-coming travel agency in Zagreb, a local neighborhood bakery in Prague and an exotic start-up tappas bar in Dubrovnik all have in common?

What unites thees truly diverse enterprises is that they are all early members of the growing business community. A forward-looking, performance-oriented business community looking at nothing but blue skies ahead, expanding across the European landscape.

About us
circleBlue.com is more than a business management service provider brand
Our team believes in the performance advantages of "community", as in, all of us perform better when we are free to concentrate on doing what we know.
Our customers concentrate on their businesses while we concentrate on handling their ordering and invoicing needs, their credit card processing, theit performance analytics, their record-keeping obligations...
and more.
  1. Best in class point of sale environment

  2. Unlimited potential of the platform

  3. Comprehensive hardware

  1. Exceptional system ergonomy

  2. Constantly updated

  3. Easily integrated

circleBlue.com is different

It is a brand that does not believe in just executing transactions and providing analytics for today. It is above all commited to building relationships for the future...

relationships nourished by a team of professional 21st century managers and entrepreneurs who know from their own experience that 21st century business is about much more than simply "doing business"
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